Seekers Property

Name Generation
and Brand Voice

Property people who view things differently

Walton Robinson have been property experts for over twenty years. As their services and focus have changed over time, and as a progressive company, a new name seemed like the best way to move their company forward in order to remain fresh and current. Enter little old me and Altogether Creative.

Together, we worked on a new brand identity. We began with name generation and exploring options that would set them up for the future. The winner? Seekers.

This upbeat, contemporary name has easy recall and is built on their existing equity. It continues to position them as the authority on North East property.

Next, Altogether looked at identity concepts and visual architecture whilst Mam’s the Word worked on Brand Uncanned and helped them work out how their brand makes people feel. This then formed the content for brand guidelines, tone of voice, messaging and their new website. We loved taking them from new name and brand concepts through to office signage. It now reflects their vision and ambition and we’re chuffed they took such a brave step.