Get Your Shit Together

I’ve worked on zillions of financial products in my time and the frustrating thing was always compliance. Getting creative stuff over the line was painful. Enter Gameplan.

When I first suggested we use the line, ‘Get your shit together’ (because that’s exactly what people in real-life say), I was blown away when the client agreed and wanted to run with it. Talk about brave. They were totally up for disrupting the market. Although the powers that be on the socials won’t actually let you swear (fuck, fuck and fuckety fuck), Gameplan were determined to use it where they could. MTW worked on a video script that introduced Gameplan and planted the seed of getting your finances in place without being super salesy. I also wrote an e-book and social ads.

“E-book is unreal. Great job. Absolutely class.”
Paul Sample, Gameplan