I’m Dan Brough and I’m a creative advertising copywriter.

From 25 characters to gloriously
long press ads,
and everything in between,
I can give your brand a personality.

You need to sound
like an actual human

People buy into people. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in – here’s a friendly reminder you need a personality that makes your audience love you. That’s where I come in. I can give you a human tone of voice that stands out.

I believe in writing with the Plain English Campaign in mind – basically, no gobbledygook or jargon schmargon. Communications should be clear, concise and real.

MTW specialises in:

  • Brand tone of voice and core messaging
  • Scoping out wireframes and writing websites
  • Concept and idea development
  • Brand guidelines
  • Name generation
  • Copywriting training
  • Vision & values
  • Radio and video scripts
  • Full copywriting across all mediums
  • Proofreading